Blood and Malt

Fifth Session

The Blood commands

DOWNTIME 8 DAYS (Stephen) in which McGinn told him to lay low, and informed him about the second Elysium meeting about the Unleashed Hound, and of the existence of the two other neonates
• At the 8th day, McGinn tells him that there will be a Lancea Sanctum mass and asks him if he would like to go, and in a way tells him to not go since he should be an Invictus. He leaves for the end that at the same time and same day there will be an Invictus meeting, so he should choose.
• Stephan doesn’t like his attitude and thinks about going to the Lancea mass, but in the end goes to the Invictus. There (at H.A.N.TH.) there is McGinn, Preston, two other vampires (Jason and George) and Pearl Chastain.
• Pearl gives her hand to Stephan (for a kiss) but he shakes it undermining her authority and she snaps but McGinn kind of laughs at her so she storms off infuriated. When she returns, the meeting starts and they talk about business.
• After the business she greets Stephan to the Invictus. After the greeting, when she tries to end the meeting, McGinn does not comply and talks about something else. She storms off again, angry
• When the meeting does end, and everybody is leaving, she tells Stephen to stay, and apologizes for snapping on him, and tells him that it was the blood that commanded her to do so. She speaks kindly and tells him that he should respect her, since she is an elder and head of the Invictus. When he displays disrespect again, she gets cold and dead in the face and tells him “it is obvious that you are McGinn’s child” and spaces out. Then he leaves.
• Strolling towards Kamara to get a taxi, Stephen accidentally walks through the Square were café Entexno is located, which is Lidia Kendall’s territory, so she attacks him. They squash the dispute, but she was ready to use her claws and she composed herself the last moment.
• They then talk, and she tells him that she is sorry for what happened, but Gangrels are ferocious and territorial animals. She also talks bad about McGinn. Stephan goes home and sleeps.
• When he wakes up, he has a text from Duquette, and meets her at the Elysium basement in the shadows. She apologizes for her dark and shadowy nature, but she tells him that it is a Mekhet trait. She tells him about the Carthians again, but he doesn’t want to hear. After that, he asks her about the city’s who’s who and she tells him what she knows, and Stephan lights up a little.
• Leaving the Elysium, Donovan finds Stephan (still inside the Elysium) and tells him using texts in order to avoid Coco’s eavesdropping, that he wants Stephan to look into Gabriel Hurst, since Donovan is the sheriff and has to keep tabs on everyone, BUT it has to remain a secret. He says that it would be an interesting job for Stephan in particular, and that there would be a reward.
• Stephan upon returning home, visits Lidia’s neighborhood and finds her, and tells her after a small talk that “She must use her powers to find out about Gabriel Hurst” (DOMINATE) The dominate is successful.
• Stephan returns home, and finds McGinn in the living room and his parents as guest. McGinn dominates him to hold still whatever he might see. Then he starts giving the speech about how a vampire cannot create new emotions (ones that he never had as a mortal) and thus how Stephan had never lost a person from his life due to death, so he didn’t know the sadness of the feeling. Then he slits the throats of his parents, laughing with his characteristic laugh.

XP: 8



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