Blood and Malt

Fourth Session

A distant thunder roaring

• 2 days before the mass: The PCs upon waking get a text from Maldonatto, to meet him at Kamara.
• Kita in upper city, chasing a drug dealer, breaking into a house and then fighting with two cops
• Alex meets Kita at Kamara, Maldonatto finds them and reminds them to attend the Mass, because if they don’t, Vidal will be angry (and they are already at a bad position after the Blue Iguana)
• Upon leaving, Alex meets Sam and they chat about the Danse Macabre and the Requiem
• Next day, Alex chats with Opal about his Zippo lighter and Opal also tells him about her long torpor
At the same day he meets Kita and gives him some clothes
• The day of the Mass, Kita goes to find Lydia (wife), and he rings the bell, and asks her to come down. There she hugs him but after a while he leaves, and she suffers a breakdown. He gets her up the house and leaves her to the daughter. She calls an ambulance
• Kita meets Alex and start walking to St. Demetrius for the Mass
• They chat on the way, getting to know each other
• At the Mass, Gus greets them and leads them to the sanctuary
• Gus reads the excerpt from the Testament
• Then Vidal speaks about Transcendence and whisky (and they all drink). Then he asks if anyone has to add anything, and Savoy speaks apologizing for Kita and taking him with him leaving. After they leave, Vidal tells Marrow that he can go, too
• Savoy takes Kita to the upper city, telling him that first of all it was very wrong that they broke the masquerade with Alex and that he broke it again today, and that he had to pull many strings to erase the charges on his person, which was not a good thing. Also he showed him photos of the girl he fed on and left helpless, implying that she was raped and killed. Finally, he tells him that he had to make his wife forget, and that it would be better to not speak to her again.
• At the mass, after Vidal, Donovan speaks (obsidian description) and then a member of the mass (to whom Donovan was possibly referring) leaves
• The mass ends
• Alex goes home. There, the incident with Opal and the boy takes place, but because Alex’s confidence feels threatened, Joe starts taking over and says that he won’t go to the room. Opal casts Nightmare, fails, and Joe takes over fully (because Alex follows the book and lets him take over). Opal casts it again and succeeds (Inferiority complex on Alex for a month or so – Harris takes over for good)
• Kita returns to the old church only to find Caitlin waiting for him. She introduces herself and starts telling him about Vidal (how he told everyone that it was Caitlin’s hit in the Blue Iguana) and that he does what he does because something darker is happening and that he cannot divulge it. She tells him that only Vidal is pure and that her only hits are in Marrow’s neighborhood. She tells him that he must not say a word to Marrow when he will confess to him, and Kita agrees. When he does, she asks him why he agreed. He is confused. She tells him that maybe it is because she is his mother.

XP: 10



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