Blood and Malt

Second Session

A hopeful beggining

• Alex wakes up, and Miss Opal sends him to Bedroom
• There he meets Michael (Baron’s child) and Coco with another man
• Sundown calls him to the top floor, there he provokes his m.p.d. and then apologizes and says that “he wanted to test if the rumors held true”. He also says that from now on Alex is gonna be welcome in this place. He said that he hoped that they will become and stay friends
• Alex goes back down to the dance, and flirts with a hot girl. When the girl gets close enough, after a few seconds she turns and leaves, obviously shaken. It is the first time a girl rejects him
• Alex goes to the Elysium, where he was invited by Opal
• Nikita wakes up, circles his haven, and finds a suited guy walking in circles. He approaches him, almost mugs him and the man runs away
• Nikita visits his family’s house, and gets a glimpse of his little girl
• He bullies some punks
• The man from his haven, Antoine Savoy, asks him to get in his car and there they talk. Among other things, he tells him that for a gift he has handed him a small area to feed at.
• Antoine drives him to the Elysium

• Nikita arrives first with Savoy. He meets Shep and Desirae. At first he refuses to drink, but Antoine tells him that he has to in that place
• Opal arrives, and a few minutes later, Alex comes in and the two greet
• Opal gives the cue to all the people to go upstairs and let the newbies meet
• Alex and Nikita get to know each other, but they don’t say much
• The Prince walks in, orders them to come upstairs, and with a little objection from Nikita he literally drags him up and Alex follows
• In the top floor the PCs meet McGinn and Chastain and Donovan apart from all the others
• Nikita and Alex seat at Antoine’s wing
• The Prince announces that the Hound has hit AGAIN, and Cimitiere laughs (again) but this time he points out that Donovan’s threats will not thwart him. The Prince, obviously annoyed, tells what he wanted to tell quickly and leaves
• Antoine says to Nikita loud enough for the amphitheater to hear, that a certain area is his for feeding
• The PCs along with everybody leave the Elysium



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