Blood and Malt

Seventh session

The masks start falling

DOWNTIME FOR STEPHAN, 2 MONTHS. After those 2 months, Stephan is “playing” at the same date with the end of the sixth session’s end.
In these 2 months, Stephan was left by McGinn to take in the fact that his parents were dead and generally to study medicine and be left to himself. Stephan tried to ask him why he did what he did, but McGinn talked to him only when the two months had passed, and he didn’t tell him a lot.
• Stephan went out to a club (Vogue). After he got there, Lidia called him and told him that she learnt that he had gone out after a long time so she decided to call him. Stephan invited her to Vogue, and she went there. They talked, and she told him that she couldn’t find anything about Hurst, but she heard a rumor that Coco is growing big in the info trade, so he should ask her, but not mention Lidia. Also, she told him that he now owes her a small favor. They danced and built rapport a little. Then they separated.
• Stephan went home. The next day, he contacted Coco, asked her about Hurst. Coco told Savvas to contact Stephan, and they started communicating via email (after Savvas did a background check on Stephan first)
The communication was edgy, and after two days and a few mails sent, they decided to meet up. Savvas asked 50.000 euros.
• Stephan gets a mail from an unknown sender (see “Mail to Stephan”) which he ignores.
• Before they meet with Stephan, Savvas is sent a mail from Gus Elgin, who invites him to the Electra Palace roof garden. Savvas goes to the hotel, and at the roof garden he finds Gus waiting for him.
They start talking. Gus tells him that he invited him since he recently set foot for the first time at the Elysium. He also tells him that he travels form area to area to see if the etiquette and the Traditions are held, and thus, he knows a lot of things. He tells him that many of the things he knows, he does not tell the Prince, obviously.
He reveals to him that the roof garden is the Prince’s palace at spring and summer, and that the Prince offered it to Gus on demand for the night, without even asking him his motives (that is how high in the hierarchy he is)
Last, he tells Savvas that he should consider working with him, since he too must know things, being a wise young man who spends a lot of time alone (kind of a veiled message)
• Savvas leaves the hotel and meets Stephan at the Arch. They start heading up to a quiet place. On the way, they pass from behind Rotunda. There, at the center of the square, there is a homeless guy just staying there. When he sees the PCs, they get the predator’s taint, and he approaches them.
He says his name is Sam, but when Stephan does not say his name, Sam turns back to the spot where he was before. When Savvas approaches him and asks him what he is doing, Sam says that he “sees…everything” like the fact that Savvas is a vampire and that Stephan is kind of grieving.
• They reach the bar, and they start talking. There is a long conversation/bargain about the 50.000 and while Savvas starts giving information about Gabriel Hurst, Stephan says that the money is too much for that info. After some time, Stephan mesmerizes Savvas into believing that “2.000 is good, after all Stephan can be trusted as a friend of Coco, and I have a lot to win from our partnership”. In the end, Stephan gives him 4.000.
• At some point, Savvas realizes that Hurst, who started having internet activity the last 2 days, has sent an untraceable message to Donovan, which is a video of Donovan and Alex, talking and Donovan, after Alex has started leaving, remembers to pour him a shot of Whiskey.
• The next night, the PCs are separately invited to the Elysium.
Stephan is at home with McGinn, who tells him that they should go dressed alike. He proposes a pompous combination of red (aggression and passion) and brown (down to earth). They do dress in the exact same clothes (also being of the same height) which as McGinn says is an honor to Stephan since it shows that McGinn respects him and presents him to the public as a younger him.
Savvas simply heads straight to the Elysium
• Savvas gets there first. In the main hall there are John Marrow (what Savvas knows about him is that he is L.S. and at Savoy’s faction and that he is mainly with his church and other mundane issues). Also there are Wells and Jennings and Jason (an Invictus member).
Wells nods at Savvas, and he sits with them. She asks him if he has any news of Kita (he doesn’t). Then McGinn and Stephan walk in and start heading towards the top floor. Savvas and Stephan greet each other discreetly; a gesture which is caught by Wells and Jennings.
As they are walking, Jennings is staring aggressively at Stephan, and when Stephan is close, Jennings spits in his own drink. McGinn freezes, and then turns to Jennings telling him that it is totally inappropriate to act this way in the Elysium. Jennings, with absolute etiquette proves him wrong, and McGinn leaves with Stephan for the top floor, making an offensive comment about Jennings’ race.
• After Stephan leaves, John Marrow approaches Savvas and they talk privately. Marrow tells Savvas that he has to follow him (using supernatural powers) and Savvas feels overwhelmed and that he has to follow him.
They take a taxi to Marrow’s church (at the Upper City). There they enter the confessional and Marrow starts talking with Savvas. He tells him that most believe that he stays away from politics, but in truth he is the Lancea Sanctum’s inquisitor. Of course, this is a secret. But the important thing is that due to his position, he knows a lot of things. So he proposes to Savvas that they could work together at some point. Savvas agrees that it could happen, and leaves the church, baffled.
• At the Elysium, there are McGinn, Chastain, Jason, Coco, Opal, Savoy, Preston, Wells and Jennings (nobody from Baron’s faction). Maldonato is there, too. Then the Prince enters, all dressed in white, even his hair is kind of grey, and his skin paler (artificially)
He says that Mr. McGinn requested the meeting. McGinn starts saying that the Invictus demand the X.A.N.T.H. building to be handed permanently to the Invictus at last, and that security will be provided, to avoid violent acts from savages (looking at the left wing).
Vidal says that it is impossible for him to satisfy each covenant’s desire. McGinn retorts that he asks a very simple and easy for Vidal thing, and it would be a shame if he stopped helping the city’s economy for such a simple matter. Vidal then agrees to hand McGinn what he asked, and the amphitheater starts applauding.
Jason tells Stephan that he is very lucky to have McGinn as a sire, and that McGinn saved Jason when Jason was a very young vampire, by offering him shelter in the Invictus against Vidal. They exchange phone numbers and mails and say they will talk at some point.
• Stephan and Savvas get a message from Donovan to be at the Arch in 30 minutes. Stephan shows up, while Savvas is nearby obfuscated (BTW at some point Savvas passed near Sam obfuscated and Savvas got the impression that almost definitely Sam could see him). Donovan texts him showing him that he knows that he isn’t there. When Savvas appears, Donovan comes and invites them to his office.
There he pours them Whiskey, and tells them that he wants them to be Hounds. He says that he knows that they are “close” of late. Alex and Kita are already hounds theoretically, but they aren’t doing a very good job, so the spot is open. Their job will be to track down Ella (a Mekhet, secretary in Vidal’s faction) who has been missing for 1 month now.
Also, he tells Stephan that he can loosen the search on Hurst, because he is back in town and he isn’t that much of a suspect anymore.
• Leaving the sheriff’s office, they get an internet-sent SMS with “?” as sender again. It say’s “Ella’s haven…” giving directions. The PCs go to the cemetery at Evaggelistria, following the directions, and find a grave, which is a passage to an underground door. The door is heavy but with signs of a break-in. There is a chain and lock holding the door locked. The PCs unlock it, get in and find a female vampire (Ella) staked to a table. There is a room further inside. Savvas goes in to see what is going on, and finds a cat, crying with the cries of a woman. He enters a fear frenzy and starts running outside. Stephan follows him.
When the frenzy stops, they decide to call Donovan. While Stephan calls him, Savvas gets another “?
” internet-SMS saying “wipe the place clean NOW!” Savvas tells Stephan to hold Donovan off and runs to the grave. There he starts searching for clues with great effort of soul. He finds seven jars with small parts of organs in formaldehyde, which (most of them) seem to have been moved some days ago. The center of the heptagon is a chandelier but Savvas does not have the time to search it. At that time, Donovan arrives with Stephan, he finds the cat, and does something with his cross inside the room (the PCs do not have line of sight) and a bright yellow light flashes and the cries stop. He tells them that they can go away, and that they will be rewarded for their swift success.
• Upon leaving slowly, Donovan calls again and tells them to wait for him. He finds them, and with his cross, he puts Stephan out, and asks Savvas to help him carry him. They take him to St. Demetrius church. There, all of the members of the L.S. are present, including Gabriel Hurst. Stephan is chained and elevated. The L.S. start chanting, and Vidal says that “it is time the Divine Judgment was served” and cuts of Stephan’s left arm with a torch. Everybody is looking at Stephan in a scolding way, but Gabriel Hurst is looking at him with compassion.

XP: 12



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