Blood and Malt

Sixth Session

A new pawn

• While after the incident with the little boy Alex felt that she had let him down, in the downtime period, Alex and Opal’s relationship came back to normal. Kita does not answer his phone in that period
• At the end of the downtime, Donovan summons him. They meet at Donovan’s “office” behind the church of the Arch. Donovan tells him that he can’t find Kita. Also he tells him that in his opinion, in the Danse Macabre anything you achieve alone is more important than what you might achieve with the help of others.
He gives him a mission, to track down Gabriel Hurst. He shows (not gives) him a picture of Gabriel. Also, he tells him that he is a Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum and member of the Primogen and that he has been missing for 1 month
At the end, while Alex is leaving, Donovan remembers that he didn’t offer him any whiskey, so he pours him a shot of Johnny Green
• Coming out of the office, he sees that there are posters everywhere of a party at the Bedroom club
• He calls Opal to ask her how to find Gabriel, and she says that she doesn’t know but she hooks him up with Savvas through Coco
• Alex goes to Bedroom to see what the party is about. There, he goes and finds Sundown. He offers him rum instead and tells him to keep it a secret
Alex asks him what does he know about Gabriel and Sundown tells him that he is not in the information business, and advises him to not ask around too much because it is dangerous for him. Alex tells him that he did so because he trusts him.
Sundown, while talking, asks permission to maintain eye contact, and Alex agrees, but after a while, Alex gets frustrated and politely tries to leave. Sundown notices his frustration and is obviously bummed. Alex, leaving, picks up the signs and tells Sundown that if he ever needs someone to talk to, he can count on him
• Savvas starts the research on Gabriel Hurst
• Next night, the two PCs meet. Alex asks Savvas for help, and Savvas tells him that he will help without a price, because Opal is friends with Coco and they will find a way to sort it out, and Alex tells him that he will owe him.
Savvas tells him that Gabriel is 8 years old, and in the last 3 years he is in the Primogen. He is conservative, a true Christian individual. McGinn frequently challenges him politically and tries to recruit him to the Invictus.
Gabriel’s credit card has not been used inside the city for a month, but in that month he has showed internet movement (latest was 4 days ago). He has been searching for video footage from a network of churches.
5 days ago he sent an intimidating e-mail (“I SEE YOU”) which travelled through a lot of IPs and then today, Donovan received it BUT Savvas does not reveal that info to Alex. A few seconds after the moment that the mail came to Donovan, Donovan called Alex, and with a hushed voice he told him that he has to tighten the search on Gabriel.
After five minutes Coco calls Alex, and tells him to pick Savvas and come to the Elysium
• On the top floor there are Coco, Opal, McGinn, Chastain, and Donovan. Also, Savoy, Preston and Baron, Lidia, and a hulking bald bearded guy with them. Not sitting, on the top of the “theatre” there are Jennings and Desirae
• Alex talks to Savoy, and asks him how Kita is doing. Savoy says that he is just fine
• Vidal enters and sits on his throne. He says that a warehouse where they keep whiskey bottles has been hit, and 700 bottles of whiskey have been destroyed.
Baron starts laughing, and Vidal breaks a table with a bottle of whiskey on it. He asks Baron to leave the theatre. Baron stands up, stops Lidia who is ready to retort, and walks to the scene, cuts his wrist and throws his flaming blood onto the whiskey while looking Vidal in the eye, and then leaves along with his faction. Vidal ends the meeting.
• Opal and Duquette call the two PCs at the basement. There, they tell them that trusted rumors have it that an Elysium meeting took place a few days ago, and ONLY members of the Sanctum were invited. There, Vidal announced that George (the vampire at blue iguana) had been hit from Caitlin Meadows
• As the PCs enter the main hall of the Elysium, they find only Jennings and Wells. They approach them and Alex starts talking to Wells, asking her about Kita. She tells him that she has asked around, not only at Vidal’s faction, but in the other two faction’s as well, and nobody knows anything about his whereabouts in the last two months. They exchange cell numbers
• As the PCs start leaving the building, they realize that on the exit on the street Baron has gathered his followers, who have formed a mob and are holding torches. Baron starts approaching the PCs and Alex starts running and Savvas hides. They find their sires and leave along with them. Upon exiting the building, Baron tells them that he was not going to harm them in the first place.
In the mob, an individual (vampire) is easily noticeable staring at the PCs. Alex asks Opal who is he, but she gently pushes him to continue walking even faster (at HOME she tells him that he is Nathanael Blanch)
• At the TV and internet, the news do not mention anything about the mob gathering
• Alex gets an internet-sent SMS on his cellphone from an unknown sender, writing “George surname, *address*”
• He goes to the address, but cannot sneak into the flat, so he calls Savvas who comes and helps. Inside the flat, which has been emptied of the owner’s possessions, Savvas finds seven different small body parts (tooth, fingernail, piece of intestine etc.) hidden well, which form a heptagon, in the center of which there is a rag. On the floor-side of the rag, the Latin numeral “VII” is written with blood, bodily fluids and feces.
• The PCs hear sirens, but they escape the cops, then Savvas sneaks in the apartment of the old lady who called the police, an encounter takes place, shots are fired but he wins. The police then comes again and they escape again.
• The PCs go to Bedroom club. There, there are Michael (baron’s child) Savoy and Preston. Savoy dances with amazing grace. After some time, Sundown announces that “the special people in the club should stay away from Nikita, because this guy is dangerous when he partys”. Alex goes to Sundown and asks him what was that and Sundown tells him that he can’t say.
• The PCs dance a little, when a caped blonde guy (vampire) enters the club and approaches them, TELEPATHICALLY tells Savvas that they are of the same clan and that they will talk alone at some point, and tells Alex very sensually to his ear that he has a gift for him, and shoves a box looking like a cassette in his back pocket. He says his name is Carter. Then he leaves.
The box contains a micro SD card. They put it in Savvas phone and watch the video (the only file it contains). In the video Carter is speaking for a few minutes sitting behind a desk, and then he goes out in the sunshine and lies on the grass, smiling and saying that he chose Alex because of psychology and Transcendence AND asks him to tell nobody about the Ordo Dracul (the PCs can’t hear that inside the club due to the noise)

XP: 13



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