Blood and Malt

Third Session

The calm before the storm

• Savoy takes Kita with him to the upper city to show him around his new territory (the area with the cafés with the great view)
• Alex gets back home with Opal
• Downtime 10 days during which both of the PCs stay alone and upgrade their clan discipline to level 2 and know that in 3 days there will be a Lancea Sanctum mass to which they are invited to watch
• The two PCs call each other and meet in order to discuss the hound issue. They feed together on a small desolate square
• They visit the Elysium. In there, there is the Baron and Desirae Wells. They chat with the Baron.
He tells Alex that he sees potential in him and that he should come by the Hounfour (temple) and that he feels bad Loa around him and maybe he could make them go away.
Kita tells him that he doesn’t belong in politics, and the Baron tells him that he should, or else he should do something spiritual. Due to a word play/metaphor thing about politics and storms, he gives him a present: an obscenely pricy umbrella.
• They approach Desirae and ask her about Caitlin. She tells them that the only thing she knows to tell them is that she has struck all three factions, so one can’t know her motives.
She asks Kita to follow her downstairs. There she tells him about her amnesia and asks him if he knows anything about her. He gives him her number. She shows profound interest in Kita but he doesn’t respond.
• They call Philip Maldonato to book a meeting, but while saying that he will show up, Donovan shows up instead. He takes them to a small underground room (with a locked door) below the church at the Arch. There he explains some things about the job and gives them their target (George Apostolou, a junkie Daeva hanging out at Blue Iguana). The whole mission must be carried out in absolute secrecy (even from their sires) and when it’s done, they will drop George at a certain address
• The PCs visit the Blue Iguana. There sits George all fucked up, who gets scared by Alex’s presence and starts crying asking from Kita to help him, in a really innocent way. That triggers Alex’s m.p.d. (Heather). Kita uses violence to drag George out, and so a brawl takes place. Shots are fired, but in the end, Kita wins takes George with him. They steal a car and take him to the address Donovan gave them. They inform Donovan that the mission is complete (he talks in a really low voice on the phone).
• The PCs wait at the address to see who is going to pick George up. Donovan comes in 5 minutes. He still speaks in a hushed voice, telling them that what they did will cost the lives of the strip club’s mortal visitors and owner
• Kita goes home to his Old Church haven
• Alex goes home. Upon entering, he hears Opal talking on the phone with somebody telling him something like “Leave the kid alone, that was what we had agreed on, and that is what you must do. I don’t care if you wanted to do else way. You should have done what we agreed. Please stay away from him. Bye”
She tells Alex that she heard him coming and that she chose him to hear her because she trusts and loves him, but he shouldn’t tell anyone that she was on the phone with the Baron.
He tells Opal exactly what happened, but she forgets everything else and hugs him (because of the m.p.d. incident).

End of night



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