Blood and Malt

First Session

The first taste

  • Goes out alone for the first time
  • At a bar at Ladadika, Stephan scores a not so impressive girl, takes her home, sex/feeding. Gets her number (doesn’t give his)
  • A limo stops by the house and picks Stephan up to get him to the Elysium. McGinn is carrying clothes and gives them to Stephen to change (in blue, pink and white)
  • There, there is an announcement made by the Prince at the top floor for the elders (but McGinn has brought Stephen, too and he announces that he has done so, publicly) concerning Caitlin Meadows and the fact that she has hit again, this time Elgin Gus.
  • After the speech, the Prince leaves, and Baron Cimitiere starts laughing. The Sheriff confronts him for his disrespect and he steps back.
  • Duquette will approach Stephen and talk to him about the Carthian Movement, unfazed by McGinn’s insults and retorting as well. He also explains to him the meaning of the colors.
  • Stephen returns home, and there he finds McGinn with Savoy, who asks from Stephen to keep the fact that he was talking with McGinn secret.
  • McGinn and Stephen talk. They kind of clash and McGinn tells him that he should be careful of his choices/acquaintances.



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