The Afterhours King


You shift your weight uncomfortably from foot to foot with a drink in hand, at the club where you were told to go…and you wait, and wait.

Suddenly the music stops. A cute young man with a mic in hand speaks: “Hello hello! I sincerely hope you are having a blast. Apologize for the interruption, so… free shots for everybody!” And while chaos arises, he points at you and nods to follow him upstairs.

You both enter his luxurious office. He closes the door and stays behind it. You realize that he is even cuter than you thought, and find yourself hoping that he would look you in the eyes; just to see what that would be like. But he doesn’t.
He says: “Are you hungry? No? Well, good thing you aren’t. But if you ever are – and circumstances for you are dire – you are welcome here. Also, with my little stunt out there, I made sure that from this night on you will enjoy some kind of status in here… at least among those that were looking… those that matter.”
Then he opens the door and says: “Have a good night.” looking you in the eyes, smiling with a smile that you ’d swear that was fully honest and pure. Nonetheless, as you instinctively rush off the door and down the stairs , you realize why he was avoiding eye contact the whole time.



Blood and Malt WakeUp