Blood and Malt

9th session
Too many whispers

• Vicky feeds from the herd. She tries to talk to them but they don’t respond. She hunts outside, and after a botched attempt, she finds a demented granny who takes her in her home. She feeds from her, but fails to control her thirst, so practically she sucks her almost dry, and leaves her there.

• Vicky’s father finds her in the streets, and talks to her, asking her what the hell happened since he thought she was dead. She doesn’t say, for his own safety, so he turns into Carter (“Familiar stranger”). He congracts her for keeping the Masquerade, and starts telling her about the Nexuses and Ley Lines and how they started shifting 3 years ago, and how he believes Blanch has to do with that. He offers her to tell her Blanch’s position for free.

• Vicky meets with Lidia. They make up about the incident at the Elysium. Vicky tells Lidia what they talked about with Carter (whom, Lidia says, is a ghost) and Lidia responds that it could be extremely dangerous, but also exciting, so they should do it.

• Lidia also asked Vicky’s help to find Stephan and she agreed.

• Savvas traced some movement in the dark web, originating from somewhere near St. Luke’s clinic.

• He also got a text from an unknown sender to meet up. He went there and found Desirae. He told him to talk to Jennings about Ella. Savvas went to find Jennings in a tavern. Jennings told him that Ella – who has suspiciously disappeared after deciding to leave the L.C. for the Unbound – appears in his Spirit touch visions and his dreams. He says that, once, she mentioned Savva’s name too. He says he’ll pay Savvas if he helps.
Also he says that maybe Caitlin has to do with it, but asked him to not reveal to anybody that he learnt that from Jennings.

• Savvas asked Vicky to accompany him to St. Luke’s clinic. But they didn’t find anything there.

• Vicky met Lidia, they stalked Stefan’s hunting grounds, but found Jason instead (a lower member of the Invictus) telling them about Stefan’s new hunting ground location, and that he’ll warn Stefan that they came asking. Vicky and Lidia decided that they’ll go tomorrow, and then sparred a little.

• Savvas went to Ella’s grave/haven. It was totally empty. The only thing there, was the cat that Donovan had exorcised. Savvas spirit-touched her and saw a vision of him burning in front of a huge cross, and screaming in a horrible unknown language.

• Savvas was summoned by Donovan, who offered him the Hound position in order to be more efficient in finding Caitlin Meadows. While they were talking Savva’s phone rang – it was Coco asking him to find someway to boost his power and influence, because she’ll need him. So Savvas accepted the Hound position immediately.


• Vicky and Lidia go to find Stefan in his new feeding territory. He shows up and approaches them. Lidia starts being aggressive, but Stefan shows her that he’s missing one arm, and starts crying. He tells her that McGinn killed his parent’s in front of him, laughing, and that later Vidal punished him for some wrong moves and McGinn didn’t do anything to save him (thus the missing arm). Currently, Stefan is under Hurst’s wing who was the only L.C. member willing to protect him.

• Vicky goes to the Elysium. She meets Alex (flirts a little with him) and miss Opal. Coco tells her about Savvas being the new Hound, and that she should stick close to him for both their sakes.

• Savvas researched about the VII and learnt that they are seven horrifying vampires who attack cities with no exact pattern, and that whenever they show up at a city they bring Hell on earth.


• Savvas goes to the Elysium, talks with Savoy and Marrow – as a Hound – and gets information about Caitlin and the disappearances.

Marrow revealed that he sells feeding rights in his territory, and that Caitlin has been witnessed with Kita (maybe she is his Sire?)

Marrow hinted that maybe Gus is an enemy of Vidal (Gus, Savvoy and Marrow were the important people hit by Caitlin the last 10-20 years)

• Savvas meets Vicky at the Elysium. As they are leaving, they see Savoy flirting with Pearl Chastain, the leader of Invictus. After she leaves, he seems sympathetic of her, calls her poor thing because nobody takes her seriously)


• Savvas and Vicky go for a patrol in the Upper City. There, after two hours of patrolling with no result, they visit Kita’s haven, which is known to be abandoned. When they break in, Caitlin attacks them. She clearly overpowers them and so they don’t fight back. She starts interrogating them.

She tells them that she is not behind the latest attacks (George, Ella) and she doesn’t know who is, and why Vidal is framing her since they both love each other. Savvas gives her the answer, telling her about the VII. She understands that Vidal could not tell the whole city about the VII because he would cause panic, so he had to find a scapegoat. She looks very relieved.

She tells them to meet a week later somewhere in the Upper City

XP: 5

Eighth session
New blood boiling
  • Vicky goes for a bar-walk. Lidia calls her to come to the Elysium
  • Savvas hears a rumor from Coco that new blood will make appearance at the Elysium
  • Vicky and Savvas meet at the Elysium, together with Coco. Coco tells them both about the Carthians, trying to recruit them. Both of the are not ready to accept but are not willing to decline either.
  • Jennings talks to Vicky, telling her that if she ever finds the political scenery too unfair, she will be welcome to the Unbound.
  • Baron is kind of down, drinking too much whiskey. He approaches Vicky kind of creepily. Vicky is disrespectful to Baron. (she pushes his hand away from her shoulder, and he loses balance and falls down) He tries to ignore her disrespect and talks to her, telling her that he needs Blanch on his side, but Blanch is far away from the political scene. She continues being disrespectful and he leaves. Vicky, kind of angry with the whole situations goes to Lidia. She picks a fight with her as well, and Lidia leaves.
  • McGinn then approaches Vicky, and she manages to stay calm and have a chat with him. She doesn’t seem to like the Invictus mentality a lot, but she has already picked fights with two vampires so she feels obliged to behave. McGinn tells her that there is a limo waiting for them outside, and if she comes he might manage to change her mind about the Invictus (and capitalism in general)
  • When Vicky leaves the Elysium, Baron grabs her and paralyzes her with Nightmare. He tells her that they will get along fine, provided she never talks to him like that again.


  • Coco sends Savvas and Vicky together to a building at Tsimiski. The mission is to find a lawyer’s suitcase with a very important document inside. Coco needs this in order to get her hands on an item.
  • Inside there is some gunfire and brawl until the PCs get to the top floor. There they fight with a vampire and the lawyer. They win the battle killing the vampire and capturing the lawyer. (Savvas, using spirit touch on the briefcase, finds that the lawyer is a pedophile and gets his cellphone in order to have him as a retainer – two dots)
  • As they are leaving the building victorious, Philip Maldonato awaits them at the entrance. He says that he admires Coco for recruiting two people so fast. He takes out a sword and orders them to hand over the document. The PCs comply. He apologizes for the incident, and leaves.
  • Savvas calls Coco believing that they have failed, but from her reaction it seems that they have accomplished the mission with absolute success.

XP: 8

Seventh session
The masks start falling

DOWNTIME FOR STEPHAN, 2 MONTHS. After those 2 months, Stephan is “playing” at the same date with the end of the sixth session’s end.
In these 2 months, Stephan was left by McGinn to take in the fact that his parents were dead and generally to study medicine and be left to himself. Stephan tried to ask him why he did what he did, but McGinn talked to him only when the two months had passed, and he didn’t tell him a lot.
• Stephan went out to a club (Vogue). After he got there, Lidia called him and told him that she learnt that he had gone out after a long time so she decided to call him. Stephan invited her to Vogue, and she went there. They talked, and she told him that she couldn’t find anything about Hurst, but she heard a rumor that Coco is growing big in the info trade, so he should ask her, but not mention Lidia. Also, she told him that he now owes her a small favor. They danced and built rapport a little. Then they separated.
• Stephan went home. The next day, he contacted Coco, asked her about Hurst. Coco told Savvas to contact Stephan, and they started communicating via email (after Savvas did a background check on Stephan first)
The communication was edgy, and after two days and a few mails sent, they decided to meet up. Savvas asked 50.000 euros.
• Stephan gets a mail from an unknown sender (see “Mail to Stephan”) which he ignores.
• Before they meet with Stephan, Savvas is sent a mail from Gus Elgin, who invites him to the Electra Palace roof garden. Savvas goes to the hotel, and at the roof garden he finds Gus waiting for him.
They start talking. Gus tells him that he invited him since he recently set foot for the first time at the Elysium. He also tells him that he travels form area to area to see if the etiquette and the Traditions are held, and thus, he knows a lot of things. He tells him that many of the things he knows, he does not tell the Prince, obviously.
He reveals to him that the roof garden is the Prince’s palace at spring and summer, and that the Prince offered it to Gus on demand for the night, without even asking him his motives (that is how high in the hierarchy he is)
Last, he tells Savvas that he should consider working with him, since he too must know things, being a wise young man who spends a lot of time alone (kind of a veiled message)
• Savvas leaves the hotel and meets Stephan at the Arch. They start heading up to a quiet place. On the way, they pass from behind Rotunda. There, at the center of the square, there is a homeless guy just staying there. When he sees the PCs, they get the predator’s taint, and he approaches them.
He says his name is Sam, but when Stephan does not say his name, Sam turns back to the spot where he was before. When Savvas approaches him and asks him what he is doing, Sam says that he “sees…everything” like the fact that Savvas is a vampire and that Stephan is kind of grieving.
• They reach the bar, and they start talking. There is a long conversation/bargain about the 50.000 and while Savvas starts giving information about Gabriel Hurst, Stephan says that the money is too much for that info. After some time, Stephan mesmerizes Savvas into believing that “2.000 is good, after all Stephan can be trusted as a friend of Coco, and I have a lot to win from our partnership”. In the end, Stephan gives him 4.000.
• At some point, Savvas realizes that Hurst, who started having internet activity the last 2 days, has sent an untraceable message to Donovan, which is a video of Donovan and Alex, talking and Donovan, after Alex has started leaving, remembers to pour him a shot of Whiskey.
• The next night, the PCs are separately invited to the Elysium.
Stephan is at home with McGinn, who tells him that they should go dressed alike. He proposes a pompous combination of red (aggression and passion) and brown (down to earth). They do dress in the exact same clothes (also being of the same height) which as McGinn says is an honor to Stephan since it shows that McGinn respects him and presents him to the public as a younger him.
Savvas simply heads straight to the Elysium
• Savvas gets there first. In the main hall there are John Marrow (what Savvas knows about him is that he is L.S. and at Savoy’s faction and that he is mainly with his church and other mundane issues). Also there are Wells and Jennings and Jason (an Invictus member).
Wells nods at Savvas, and he sits with them. She asks him if he has any news of Kita (he doesn’t). Then McGinn and Stephan walk in and start heading towards the top floor. Savvas and Stephan greet each other discreetly; a gesture which is caught by Wells and Jennings.
As they are walking, Jennings is staring aggressively at Stephan, and when Stephan is close, Jennings spits in his own drink. McGinn freezes, and then turns to Jennings telling him that it is totally inappropriate to act this way in the Elysium. Jennings, with absolute etiquette proves him wrong, and McGinn leaves with Stephan for the top floor, making an offensive comment about Jennings’ race.
• After Stephan leaves, John Marrow approaches Savvas and they talk privately. Marrow tells Savvas that he has to follow him (using supernatural powers) and Savvas feels overwhelmed and that he has to follow him.
They take a taxi to Marrow’s church (at the Upper City). There they enter the confessional and Marrow starts talking with Savvas. He tells him that most believe that he stays away from politics, but in truth he is the Lancea Sanctum’s inquisitor. Of course, this is a secret. But the important thing is that due to his position, he knows a lot of things. So he proposes to Savvas that they could work together at some point. Savvas agrees that it could happen, and leaves the church, baffled.
• At the Elysium, there are McGinn, Chastain, Jason, Coco, Opal, Savoy, Preston, Wells and Jennings (nobody from Baron’s faction). Maldonato is there, too. Then the Prince enters, all dressed in white, even his hair is kind of grey, and his skin paler (artificially)
He says that Mr. McGinn requested the meeting. McGinn starts saying that the Invictus demand the X.A.N.T.H. building to be handed permanently to the Invictus at last, and that security will be provided, to avoid violent acts from savages (looking at the left wing).
Vidal says that it is impossible for him to satisfy each covenant’s desire. McGinn retorts that he asks a very simple and easy for Vidal thing, and it would be a shame if he stopped helping the city’s economy for such a simple matter. Vidal then agrees to hand McGinn what he asked, and the amphitheater starts applauding.
Jason tells Stephan that he is very lucky to have McGinn as a sire, and that McGinn saved Jason when Jason was a very young vampire, by offering him shelter in the Invictus against Vidal. They exchange phone numbers and mails and say they will talk at some point.
• Stephan and Savvas get a message from Donovan to be at the Arch in 30 minutes. Stephan shows up, while Savvas is nearby obfuscated (BTW at some point Savvas passed near Sam obfuscated and Savvas got the impression that almost definitely Sam could see him). Donovan texts him showing him that he knows that he isn’t there. When Savvas appears, Donovan comes and invites them to his office.
There he pours them Whiskey, and tells them that he wants them to be Hounds. He says that he knows that they are “close” of late. Alex and Kita are already hounds theoretically, but they aren’t doing a very good job, so the spot is open. Their job will be to track down Ella (a Mekhet, secretary in Vidal’s faction) who has been missing for 1 month now.
Also, he tells Stephan that he can loosen the search on Hurst, because he is back in town and he isn’t that much of a suspect anymore.
• Leaving the sheriff’s office, they get an internet-sent SMS with “?” as sender again. It say’s “Ella’s haven…” giving directions. The PCs go to the cemetery at Evaggelistria, following the directions, and find a grave, which is a passage to an underground door. The door is heavy but with signs of a break-in. There is a chain and lock holding the door locked. The PCs unlock it, get in and find a female vampire (Ella) staked to a table. There is a room further inside. Savvas goes in to see what is going on, and finds a cat, crying with the cries of a woman. He enters a fear frenzy and starts running outside. Stephan follows him.
When the frenzy stops, they decide to call Donovan. While Stephan calls him, Savvas gets another “?
” internet-SMS saying “wipe the place clean NOW!” Savvas tells Stephan to hold Donovan off and runs to the grave. There he starts searching for clues with great effort of soul. He finds seven jars with small parts of organs in formaldehyde, which (most of them) seem to have been moved some days ago. The center of the heptagon is a chandelier but Savvas does not have the time to search it. At that time, Donovan arrives with Stephan, he finds the cat, and does something with his cross inside the room (the PCs do not have line of sight) and a bright yellow light flashes and the cries stop. He tells them that they can go away, and that they will be rewarded for their swift success.
• Upon leaving slowly, Donovan calls again and tells them to wait for him. He finds them, and with his cross, he puts Stephan out, and asks Savvas to help him carry him. They take him to St. Demetrius church. There, all of the members of the L.S. are present, including Gabriel Hurst. Stephan is chained and elevated. The L.S. start chanting, and Vidal says that “it is time the Divine Judgment was served” and cuts of Stephan’s left arm with a torch. Everybody is looking at Stephan in a scolding way, but Gabriel Hurst is looking at him with compassion.

XP: 12

Sixth Session
A new pawn

• While after the incident with the little boy Alex felt that she had let him down, in the downtime period, Alex and Opal’s relationship came back to normal. Kita does not answer his phone in that period
• At the end of the downtime, Donovan summons him. They meet at Donovan’s “office” behind the church of the Arch. Donovan tells him that he can’t find Kita. Also he tells him that in his opinion, in the Danse Macabre anything you achieve alone is more important than what you might achieve with the help of others.
He gives him a mission, to track down Gabriel Hurst. He shows (not gives) him a picture of Gabriel. Also, he tells him that he is a Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum and member of the Primogen and that he has been missing for 1 month
At the end, while Alex is leaving, Donovan remembers that he didn’t offer him any whiskey, so he pours him a shot of Johnny Green
• Coming out of the office, he sees that there are posters everywhere of a party at the Bedroom club
• He calls Opal to ask her how to find Gabriel, and she says that she doesn’t know but she hooks him up with Savvas through Coco
• Alex goes to Bedroom to see what the party is about. There, he goes and finds Sundown. He offers him rum instead and tells him to keep it a secret
Alex asks him what does he know about Gabriel and Sundown tells him that he is not in the information business, and advises him to not ask around too much because it is dangerous for him. Alex tells him that he did so because he trusts him.
Sundown, while talking, asks permission to maintain eye contact, and Alex agrees, but after a while, Alex gets frustrated and politely tries to leave. Sundown notices his frustration and is obviously bummed. Alex, leaving, picks up the signs and tells Sundown that if he ever needs someone to talk to, he can count on him
• Savvas starts the research on Gabriel Hurst
• Next night, the two PCs meet. Alex asks Savvas for help, and Savvas tells him that he will help without a price, because Opal is friends with Coco and they will find a way to sort it out, and Alex tells him that he will owe him.
Savvas tells him that Gabriel is 8 years old, and in the last 3 years he is in the Primogen. He is conservative, a true Christian individual. McGinn frequently challenges him politically and tries to recruit him to the Invictus.
Gabriel’s credit card has not been used inside the city for a month, but in that month he has showed internet movement (latest was 4 days ago). He has been searching for video footage from a network of churches.
5 days ago he sent an intimidating e-mail (“I SEE YOU”) which travelled through a lot of IPs and then today, Donovan received it BUT Savvas does not reveal that info to Alex. A few seconds after the moment that the mail came to Donovan, Donovan called Alex, and with a hushed voice he told him that he has to tighten the search on Gabriel.
After five minutes Coco calls Alex, and tells him to pick Savvas and come to the Elysium
• On the top floor there are Coco, Opal, McGinn, Chastain, and Donovan. Also, Savoy, Preston and Baron, Lidia, and a hulking bald bearded guy with them. Not sitting, on the top of the “theatre” there are Jennings and Desirae
• Alex talks to Savoy, and asks him how Kita is doing. Savoy says that he is just fine
• Vidal enters and sits on his throne. He says that a warehouse where they keep whiskey bottles has been hit, and 700 bottles of whiskey have been destroyed.
Baron starts laughing, and Vidal breaks a table with a bottle of whiskey on it. He asks Baron to leave the theatre. Baron stands up, stops Lidia who is ready to retort, and walks to the scene, cuts his wrist and throws his flaming blood onto the whiskey while looking Vidal in the eye, and then leaves along with his faction. Vidal ends the meeting.
• Opal and Duquette call the two PCs at the basement. There, they tell them that trusted rumors have it that an Elysium meeting took place a few days ago, and ONLY members of the Sanctum were invited. There, Vidal announced that George (the vampire at blue iguana) had been hit from Caitlin Meadows
• As the PCs enter the main hall of the Elysium, they find only Jennings and Wells. They approach them and Alex starts talking to Wells, asking her about Kita. She tells him that she has asked around, not only at Vidal’s faction, but in the other two faction’s as well, and nobody knows anything about his whereabouts in the last two months. They exchange cell numbers
• As the PCs start leaving the building, they realize that on the exit on the street Baron has gathered his followers, who have formed a mob and are holding torches. Baron starts approaching the PCs and Alex starts running and Savvas hides. They find their sires and leave along with them. Upon exiting the building, Baron tells them that he was not going to harm them in the first place.
In the mob, an individual (vampire) is easily noticeable staring at the PCs. Alex asks Opal who is he, but she gently pushes him to continue walking even faster (at HOME she tells him that he is Nathanael Blanch)
• At the TV and internet, the news do not mention anything about the mob gathering
• Alex gets an internet-sent SMS on his cellphone from an unknown sender, writing “George surname, *address*”
• He goes to the address, but cannot sneak into the flat, so he calls Savvas who comes and helps. Inside the flat, which has been emptied of the owner’s possessions, Savvas finds seven different small body parts (tooth, fingernail, piece of intestine etc.) hidden well, which form a heptagon, in the center of which there is a rag. On the floor-side of the rag, the Latin numeral “VII” is written with blood, bodily fluids and feces.
• The PCs hear sirens, but they escape the cops, then Savvas sneaks in the apartment of the old lady who called the police, an encounter takes place, shots are fired but he wins. The police then comes again and they escape again.
• The PCs go to Bedroom club. There, there are Michael (baron’s child) Savoy and Preston. Savoy dances with amazing grace. After some time, Sundown announces that “the special people in the club should stay away from Nikita, because this guy is dangerous when he partys”. Alex goes to Sundown and asks him what was that and Sundown tells him that he can’t say.
• The PCs dance a little, when a caped blonde guy (vampire) enters the club and approaches them, TELEPATHICALLY tells Savvas that they are of the same clan and that they will talk alone at some point, and tells Alex very sensually to his ear that he has a gift for him, and shoves a box looking like a cassette in his back pocket. He says his name is Carter. Then he leaves.
The box contains a micro SD card. They put it in Savvas phone and watch the video (the only file it contains). In the video Carter is speaking for a few minutes sitting behind a desk, and then he goes out in the sunshine and lies on the grass, smiling and saying that he chose Alex because of psychology and Transcendence AND asks him to tell nobody about the Ordo Dracul (the PCs can’t hear that inside the club due to the noise)

XP: 13

Fifth Session
The Blood commands

DOWNTIME 8 DAYS (Stephen) in which McGinn told him to lay low, and informed him about the second Elysium meeting about the Unleashed Hound, and of the existence of the two other neonates
• At the 8th day, McGinn tells him that there will be a Lancea Sanctum mass and asks him if he would like to go, and in a way tells him to not go since he should be an Invictus. He leaves for the end that at the same time and same day there will be an Invictus meeting, so he should choose.
• Stephan doesn’t like his attitude and thinks about going to the Lancea mass, but in the end goes to the Invictus. There (at H.A.N.TH.) there is McGinn, Preston, two other vampires (Jason and George) and Pearl Chastain.
• Pearl gives her hand to Stephan (for a kiss) but he shakes it undermining her authority and she snaps but McGinn kind of laughs at her so she storms off infuriated. When she returns, the meeting starts and they talk about business.
• After the business she greets Stephan to the Invictus. After the greeting, when she tries to end the meeting, McGinn does not comply and talks about something else. She storms off again, angry
• When the meeting does end, and everybody is leaving, she tells Stephen to stay, and apologizes for snapping on him, and tells him that it was the blood that commanded her to do so. She speaks kindly and tells him that he should respect her, since she is an elder and head of the Invictus. When he displays disrespect again, she gets cold and dead in the face and tells him “it is obvious that you are McGinn’s child” and spaces out. Then he leaves.
• Strolling towards Kamara to get a taxi, Stephen accidentally walks through the Square were café Entexno is located, which is Lidia Kendall’s territory, so she attacks him. They squash the dispute, but she was ready to use her claws and she composed herself the last moment.
• They then talk, and she tells him that she is sorry for what happened, but Gangrels are ferocious and territorial animals. She also talks bad about McGinn. Stephan goes home and sleeps.
• When he wakes up, he has a text from Duquette, and meets her at the Elysium basement in the shadows. She apologizes for her dark and shadowy nature, but she tells him that it is a Mekhet trait. She tells him about the Carthians again, but he doesn’t want to hear. After that, he asks her about the city’s who’s who and she tells him what she knows, and Stephan lights up a little.
• Leaving the Elysium, Donovan finds Stephan (still inside the Elysium) and tells him using texts in order to avoid Coco’s eavesdropping, that he wants Stephan to look into Gabriel Hurst, since Donovan is the sheriff and has to keep tabs on everyone, BUT it has to remain a secret. He says that it would be an interesting job for Stephan in particular, and that there would be a reward.
• Stephan upon returning home, visits Lidia’s neighborhood and finds her, and tells her after a small talk that “She must use her powers to find out about Gabriel Hurst” (DOMINATE) The dominate is successful.
• Stephan returns home, and finds McGinn in the living room and his parents as guest. McGinn dominates him to hold still whatever he might see. Then he starts giving the speech about how a vampire cannot create new emotions (ones that he never had as a mortal) and thus how Stephan had never lost a person from his life due to death, so he didn’t know the sadness of the feeling. Then he slits the throats of his parents, laughing with his characteristic laugh.

XP: 8

Fourth Session
A distant thunder roaring

• 2 days before the mass: The PCs upon waking get a text from Maldonatto, to meet him at Kamara.
• Kita in upper city, chasing a drug dealer, breaking into a house and then fighting with two cops
• Alex meets Kita at Kamara, Maldonatto finds them and reminds them to attend the Mass, because if they don’t, Vidal will be angry (and they are already at a bad position after the Blue Iguana)
• Upon leaving, Alex meets Sam and they chat about the Danse Macabre and the Requiem
• Next day, Alex chats with Opal about his Zippo lighter and Opal also tells him about her long torpor
At the same day he meets Kita and gives him some clothes
• The day of the Mass, Kita goes to find Lydia (wife), and he rings the bell, and asks her to come down. There she hugs him but after a while he leaves, and she suffers a breakdown. He gets her up the house and leaves her to the daughter. She calls an ambulance
• Kita meets Alex and start walking to St. Demetrius for the Mass
• They chat on the way, getting to know each other
• At the Mass, Gus greets them and leads them to the sanctuary
• Gus reads the excerpt from the Testament
• Then Vidal speaks about Transcendence and whisky (and they all drink). Then he asks if anyone has to add anything, and Savoy speaks apologizing for Kita and taking him with him leaving. After they leave, Vidal tells Marrow that he can go, too
• Savoy takes Kita to the upper city, telling him that first of all it was very wrong that they broke the masquerade with Alex and that he broke it again today, and that he had to pull many strings to erase the charges on his person, which was not a good thing. Also he showed him photos of the girl he fed on and left helpless, implying that she was raped and killed. Finally, he tells him that he had to make his wife forget, and that it would be better to not speak to her again.
• At the mass, after Vidal, Donovan speaks (obsidian description) and then a member of the mass (to whom Donovan was possibly referring) leaves
• The mass ends
• Alex goes home. There, the incident with Opal and the boy takes place, but because Alex’s confidence feels threatened, Joe starts taking over and says that he won’t go to the room. Opal casts Nightmare, fails, and Joe takes over fully (because Alex follows the book and lets him take over). Opal casts it again and succeeds (Inferiority complex on Alex for a month or so – Harris takes over for good)
• Kita returns to the old church only to find Caitlin waiting for him. She introduces herself and starts telling him about Vidal (how he told everyone that it was Caitlin’s hit in the Blue Iguana) and that he does what he does because something darker is happening and that he cannot divulge it. She tells him that only Vidal is pure and that her only hits are in Marrow’s neighborhood. She tells him that he must not say a word to Marrow when he will confess to him, and Kita agrees. When he does, she asks him why he agreed. He is confused. She tells him that maybe it is because she is his mother.

XP: 10

Third Session
The calm before the storm

• Savoy takes Kita with him to the upper city to show him around his new territory (the area with the cafés with the great view)
• Alex gets back home with Opal
• Downtime 10 days during which both of the PCs stay alone and upgrade their clan discipline to level 2 and know that in 3 days there will be a Lancea Sanctum mass to which they are invited to watch
• The two PCs call each other and meet in order to discuss the hound issue. They feed together on a small desolate square
• They visit the Elysium. In there, there is the Baron and Desirae Wells. They chat with the Baron.
He tells Alex that he sees potential in him and that he should come by the Hounfour (temple) and that he feels bad Loa around him and maybe he could make them go away.
Kita tells him that he doesn’t belong in politics, and the Baron tells him that he should, or else he should do something spiritual. Due to a word play/metaphor thing about politics and storms, he gives him a present: an obscenely pricy umbrella.
• They approach Desirae and ask her about Caitlin. She tells them that the only thing she knows to tell them is that she has struck all three factions, so one can’t know her motives.
She asks Kita to follow her downstairs. There she tells him about her amnesia and asks him if he knows anything about her. He gives him her number. She shows profound interest in Kita but he doesn’t respond.
• They call Philip Maldonato to book a meeting, but while saying that he will show up, Donovan shows up instead. He takes them to a small underground room (with a locked door) below the church at the Arch. There he explains some things about the job and gives them their target (George Apostolou, a junkie Daeva hanging out at Blue Iguana). The whole mission must be carried out in absolute secrecy (even from their sires) and when it’s done, they will drop George at a certain address
• The PCs visit the Blue Iguana. There sits George all fucked up, who gets scared by Alex’s presence and starts crying asking from Kita to help him, in a really innocent way. That triggers Alex’s m.p.d. (Heather). Kita uses violence to drag George out, and so a brawl takes place. Shots are fired, but in the end, Kita wins takes George with him. They steal a car and take him to the address Donovan gave them. They inform Donovan that the mission is complete (he talks in a really low voice on the phone).
• The PCs wait at the address to see who is going to pick George up. Donovan comes in 5 minutes. He still speaks in a hushed voice, telling them that what they did will cost the lives of the strip club’s mortal visitors and owner
• Kita goes home to his Old Church haven
• Alex goes home. Upon entering, he hears Opal talking on the phone with somebody telling him something like “Leave the kid alone, that was what we had agreed on, and that is what you must do. I don’t care if you wanted to do else way. You should have done what we agreed. Please stay away from him. Bye”
She tells Alex that she heard him coming and that she chose him to hear her because she trusts and loves him, but he shouldn’t tell anyone that she was on the phone with the Baron.
He tells Opal exactly what happened, but she forgets everything else and hugs him (because of the m.p.d. incident).

End of night

Second Session
A hopeful beggining

• Alex wakes up, and Miss Opal sends him to Bedroom
• There he meets Michael (Baron’s child) and Coco with another man
• Sundown calls him to the top floor, there he provokes his m.p.d. and then apologizes and says that “he wanted to test if the rumors held true”. He also says that from now on Alex is gonna be welcome in this place. He said that he hoped that they will become and stay friends
• Alex goes back down to the dance, and flirts with a hot girl. When the girl gets close enough, after a few seconds she turns and leaves, obviously shaken. It is the first time a girl rejects him
• Alex goes to the Elysium, where he was invited by Opal
• Nikita wakes up, circles his haven, and finds a suited guy walking in circles. He approaches him, almost mugs him and the man runs away
• Nikita visits his family’s house, and gets a glimpse of his little girl
• He bullies some punks
• The man from his haven, Antoine Savoy, asks him to get in his car and there they talk. Among other things, he tells him that for a gift he has handed him a small area to feed at.
• Antoine drives him to the Elysium

• Nikita arrives first with Savoy. He meets Shep and Desirae. At first he refuses to drink, but Antoine tells him that he has to in that place
• Opal arrives, and a few minutes later, Alex comes in and the two greet
• Opal gives the cue to all the people to go upstairs and let the newbies meet
• Alex and Nikita get to know each other, but they don’t say much
• The Prince walks in, orders them to come upstairs, and with a little objection from Nikita he literally drags him up and Alex follows
• In the top floor the PCs meet McGinn and Chastain and Donovan apart from all the others
• Nikita and Alex seat at Antoine’s wing
• The Prince announces that the Hound has hit AGAIN, and Cimitiere laughs (again) but this time he points out that Donovan’s threats will not thwart him. The Prince, obviously annoyed, tells what he wanted to tell quickly and leaves
• Antoine says to Nikita loud enough for the amphitheater to hear, that a certain area is his for feeding
• The PCs along with everybody leave the Elysium

First Session
The first taste
  • Goes out alone for the first time
  • At a bar at Ladadika, Stephan scores a not so impressive girl, takes her home, sex/feeding. Gets her number (doesn’t give his)
  • A limo stops by the house and picks Stephan up to get him to the Elysium. McGinn is carrying clothes and gives them to Stephen to change (in blue, pink and white)
  • There, there is an announcement made by the Prince at the top floor for the elders (but McGinn has brought Stephen, too and he announces that he has done so, publicly) concerning Caitlin Meadows and the fact that she has hit again, this time Elgin Gus.
  • After the speech, the Prince leaves, and Baron Cimitiere starts laughing. The Sheriff confronts him for his disrespect and he steps back.
  • Duquette will approach Stephen and talk to him about the Carthian Movement, unfazed by McGinn’s insults and retorting as well. He also explains to him the meaning of the colors.
  • Stephen returns home, and there he finds McGinn with Savoy, who asks from Stephen to keep the fact that he was talking with McGinn secret.
  • McGinn and Stephen talk. They kind of clash and McGinn tells him that he should be careful of his choices/acquaintances.

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