Blood and Malt

Eighth session

New blood boiling

  • Vicky goes for a bar-walk. Lidia calls her to come to the Elysium
  • Savvas hears a rumor from Coco that new blood will make appearance at the Elysium
  • Vicky and Savvas meet at the Elysium, together with Coco. Coco tells them both about the Carthians, trying to recruit them. Both of the are not ready to accept but are not willing to decline either.
  • Jennings talks to Vicky, telling her that if she ever finds the political scenery too unfair, she will be welcome to the Unbound.
  • Baron is kind of down, drinking too much whiskey. He approaches Vicky kind of creepily. Vicky is disrespectful to Baron. (she pushes his hand away from her shoulder, and he loses balance and falls down) He tries to ignore her disrespect and talks to her, telling her that he needs Blanch on his side, but Blanch is far away from the political scene. She continues being disrespectful and he leaves. Vicky, kind of angry with the whole situations goes to Lidia. She picks a fight with her as well, and Lidia leaves.
  • McGinn then approaches Vicky, and she manages to stay calm and have a chat with him. She doesn’t seem to like the Invictus mentality a lot, but she has already picked fights with two vampires so she feels obliged to behave. McGinn tells her that there is a limo waiting for them outside, and if she comes he might manage to change her mind about the Invictus (and capitalism in general)
  • When Vicky leaves the Elysium, Baron grabs her and paralyzes her with Nightmare. He tells her that they will get along fine, provided she never talks to him like that again.


  • Coco sends Savvas and Vicky together to a building at Tsimiski. The mission is to find a lawyer’s suitcase with a very important document inside. Coco needs this in order to get her hands on an item.
  • Inside there is some gunfire and brawl until the PCs get to the top floor. There they fight with a vampire and the lawyer. They win the battle killing the vampire and capturing the lawyer. (Savvas, using spirit touch on the briefcase, finds that the lawyer is a pedophile and gets his cellphone in order to have him as a retainer – two dots)
  • As they are leaving the building victorious, Philip Maldonato awaits them at the entrance. He says that he admires Coco for recruiting two people so fast. He takes out a sword and orders them to hand over the document. The PCs comply. He apologizes for the incident, and leaves.
  • Savvas calls Coco believing that they have failed, but from her reaction it seems that they have accomplished the mission with absolute success.

XP: 8



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