Garbiel Hurst

Primogen, Lancea Sanctum


At a Ventrue Clan meeting:

-Hahaha! I am hearing rumours that little Hursty over there aqcuired a seat in the Primogen! (clapping) Well bra-vo! Hahaha! Next move if you want to really make it in this city, boy, would be to enter the Covenant. Come on! What do you say, huh? Quit wasting precious time confusing Religion with politics. You can pray our Lord at home, boy! Hahaha!
Now really, what do you say? After all, you know, we would make a great team, the two of us. We are so much alike: Members of the elite, fundamentalists, God-fearing and God-loving gentlemen! Unlike the scum that has covered most of the city. One could say that we are soul mates, boy! Hahaha!

-We’re not at all alike, Pierpont.


Garbiel Hurst

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