Blood and Malt

9th session

Too many whispers

• Vicky feeds from the herd. She tries to talk to them but they don’t respond. She hunts outside, and after a botched attempt, she finds a demented granny who takes her in her home. She feeds from her, but fails to control her thirst, so practically she sucks her almost dry, and leaves her there.

• Vicky’s father finds her in the streets, and talks to her, asking her what the hell happened since he thought she was dead. She doesn’t say, for his own safety, so he turns into Carter (“Familiar stranger”). He congracts her for keeping the Masquerade, and starts telling her about the Nexuses and Ley Lines and how they started shifting 3 years ago, and how he believes Blanch has to do with that. He offers her to tell her Blanch’s position for free.

• Vicky meets with Lidia. They make up about the incident at the Elysium. Vicky tells Lidia what they talked about with Carter (whom, Lidia says, is a ghost) and Lidia responds that it could be extremely dangerous, but also exciting, so they should do it.

• Lidia also asked Vicky’s help to find Stephan and she agreed.

• Savvas traced some movement in the dark web, originating from somewhere near St. Luke’s clinic.

• He also got a text from an unknown sender to meet up. He went there and found Desirae. He told him to talk to Jennings about Ella. Savvas went to find Jennings in a tavern. Jennings told him that Ella – who has suspiciously disappeared after deciding to leave the L.C. for the Unbound – appears in his Spirit touch visions and his dreams. He says that, once, she mentioned Savva’s name too. He says he’ll pay Savvas if he helps.
Also he says that maybe Caitlin has to do with it, but asked him to not reveal to anybody that he learnt that from Jennings.

• Savvas asked Vicky to accompany him to St. Luke’s clinic. But they didn’t find anything there.

• Vicky met Lidia, they stalked Stefan’s hunting grounds, but found Jason instead (a lower member of the Invictus) telling them about Stefan’s new hunting ground location, and that he’ll warn Stefan that they came asking. Vicky and Lidia decided that they’ll go tomorrow, and then sparred a little.

• Savvas went to Ella’s grave/haven. It was totally empty. The only thing there, was the cat that Donovan had exorcised. Savvas spirit-touched her and saw a vision of him burning in front of a huge cross, and screaming in a horrible unknown language.

• Savvas was summoned by Donovan, who offered him the Hound position in order to be more efficient in finding Caitlin Meadows. While they were talking Savva’s phone rang – it was Coco asking him to find someway to boost his power and influence, because she’ll need him. So Savvas accepted the Hound position immediately.


• Vicky and Lidia go to find Stefan in his new feeding territory. He shows up and approaches them. Lidia starts being aggressive, but Stefan shows her that he’s missing one arm, and starts crying. He tells her that McGinn killed his parent’s in front of him, laughing, and that later Vidal punished him for some wrong moves and McGinn didn’t do anything to save him (thus the missing arm). Currently, Stefan is under Hurst’s wing who was the only L.C. member willing to protect him.

• Vicky goes to the Elysium. She meets Alex (flirts a little with him) and miss Opal. Coco tells her about Savvas being the new Hound, and that she should stick close to him for both their sakes.

• Savvas researched about the VII and learnt that they are seven horrifying vampires who attack cities with no exact pattern, and that whenever they show up at a city they bring Hell on earth.


• Savvas goes to the Elysium, talks with Savoy and Marrow – as a Hound – and gets information about Caitlin and the disappearances.

Marrow revealed that he sells feeding rights in his territory, and that Caitlin has been witnessed with Kita (maybe she is his Sire?)

Marrow hinted that maybe Gus is an enemy of Vidal (Gus, Savvoy and Marrow were the important people hit by Caitlin the last 10-20 years)

• Savvas meets Vicky at the Elysium. As they are leaving, they see Savoy flirting with Pearl Chastain, the leader of Invictus. After she leaves, he seems sympathetic of her, calls her poor thing because nobody takes her seriously)


• Savvas and Vicky go for a patrol in the Upper City. There, after two hours of patrolling with no result, they visit Kita’s haven, which is known to be abandoned. When they break in, Caitlin attacks them. She clearly overpowers them and so they don’t fight back. She starts interrogating them.

She tells them that she is not behind the latest attacks (George, Ella) and she doesn’t know who is, and why Vidal is framing her since they both love each other. Savvas gives her the answer, telling her about the VII. She understands that Vidal could not tell the whole city about the VII because he would cause panic, so he had to find a scapegoat. She looks very relieved.

She tells them to meet a week later somewhere in the Upper City

XP: 5



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